The Reason for the 24 Forms of ITF Taekwon-do


"The life of a human being can be considered as a day, when compared to eternity" "the spirit is perpetual and the material is not"" "if we can leave something for the well-being of the human being, we will do the most important thing of our lives.

Here I leave the TKD as a sign of the current man. 24 hours a day or my whole life"

The didactic aspect of traditional Taekwon-do is completely studied and elaborated for the best technical interpretation, exceptionally developing the physical aspect, as well as the balance and breadth of the movements developed in the TULS forms of Taekwon-do.

These Tuls (Ancient Hyongs) forms were developed by General CHOI HONG HI for the refinement and technical development of Taekwon-do, inserting into them the widest range of movements, such as hand and foot strokes, along with foot and hand jumps, slow foot techniques, 360 degree jumps, etc. In traditional Taekwon-do the technical, philosophical and any foundation are fully studied, being one of the few martial arts in which the why and for all its techniques is explained. Like course all its foundations have an explanation of why 24 Tuls are worked, because there are nine graduations up to black belt, black belt onwards, the mathematical theory of number nine and its influence on Taekwon-do, the meaning of each graduation, the theory of power and endless explanations are included in the ITF Taekwon-do.

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