Notes for Taekwon Do ITF students


TAE: Means jumping, flying, kicking, or hitting with your foot. Synthetically it could be defined as "FOOT ACTION"

KWON: Means: the fist, mainly hit with hands or fists "HAND ACTION".

DO: It means Art, path, goal, the right way to build or cultivate, understood from a spiritual point of view.


The creator of Taekwon do ITF was General Choi Hong Hi (1918-2002). He is named "general" because he was a military officer, already retired from the Korean army. He was the creator of martial art that we now know as Taekwon-do.


Courtesy – Integrity – Perseverance – Self-Control – Indomitable Spirit.

Principles are patterns of behavior, which should serve as a guide for serious and art-conscious students. TaeKWON-DO dogmas or slogans are:

It can be said that courtesy is an unwritten rule given by the ancient masters of philosophy as a means of raising the human being. Moreover, the essential criterion required of a mortal can be considered. Taekwon-do students have to try to implement the following elements of courtesy to build a noble character and also to train in an orderly manner:

  1. Promote the spirit of mutual concessions.
  2. To be ashamed of their vices, despising the others' vices.
  3. Be polite to others.
  4. Fostering a sense of justice
  5. Distinguish the student instructor, the lord from the junior, etc.
  6. Behave with education.
  7. Respect other people's property.
  8. Act with justice and sincerity.
  9. Refrain from giving or accepting any present in case of doubt.

n Taekwon-do, the word "integrity" refers to a broader notion than the definition of this word by any dictionary. One has to distinguish the right from the wrong and have a conscience, if it is wrong to feel guilty. These are examples of lack of integrity.

  1. The instructor who belittles himself and his art by teaching incorrect techniques to his students.
  2. The instructor who manifests false flattery to his students.

There is an ancient Eastern saying, "patience leads to virtue or merit". "One can build a more peaceful home by being patient 100 times." Certainly, happiness and prosperity seemed to come from patient people. To achieve something, such as high graduation or technical refinement and achieve the desired goal, one must constantly persevere. Not the secrets to becoming a leader in Taekwon-do is to overcome Taekwon-do is to overcome all difficulty with perseverance.

This principle is extremely important both inside and outside the chang do, in how, one conducts in combat or on personal matters. The loss of self-control in free combat becomes dangerous for both oneself and the opponent.

According to Lao Tzu "The strongest is the person who earns over himself more than any other."

Indomitable Spirit:
It manifests itself when a person faces an immense problem using his courage and without giving up his principles. A serious Taekwon-do student should always be modest and honest. If he confronts an injustice, he will act without any fear or hesitation, in an indomitable spirit.

Classification of Instructors /Teachers.

1st to 3rd Dan: Assistant Instructor: (busabon)
4th to 6th Dan: Instructor: (sat)
7th to 8th Dan: Master: (sahyun)
9th Dan: Grandmaster (Saseong)

The NIM suffix is used as a expression of respect.



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