Differences in Taekwon-do with other Martial Arts.

a) Taekwon-do is a modern martial art that originated in the middle of this century after the Second World War; when General Choi Hong Hi after being released from Japanese prison, he became evoked with a group of collaborators in organizing, systematizing a new martial art that I call Taekwon-do.

At the same time he brought up different styles of Korean fighting and other martial arts he did a study of the movements applied to the human body. After a time of hard work and assiduous study, through a scientific method it is achieved systematize it.

Thus being born a new style of struggle that makes it of u power like no other. We can synthesize some fundamental differences of Taekwon-do with other martial arts:

Taekwon-do is a modern martial art, based essentially on the mechanics of movements applied to the human body and develops and perfects day by day while the other martial arts are millennial and have not improved over time.

Being scientifically systematized the way the movements are applied is different, because each one takes advantage of all the energy generated by the human body.

In its movements we find, mobility, relaxation, flexibility and power; where while in some arts we find martial flexibility and not power or power and strength but lacks mobility.

b) There are two fundamental differences, by which Taekwon-do is a martial art and not a sport.

The following are:

The sport ends the moment you stop playing it. When a football player finishes the match, when he leaves the ball he set aside the game, not committing his later attitude to the sport.

The same is not true of a martial art practitioner, since when leaving the gym or not wearing the dobok, it does not mean that the principles of Taekwon-do are no longer valid and s attitude at all times has to do with the practice of Taekwon-do.

In short Taekwon-do accompanies the practitioner all the time, therefore, his attitude outside and inside the gym must live up to art.

Sport, however professional, is nothing more than the regulation of n game. Historically the game appears first and then the need to regulate it, but there is always the idea of "play" or "entertainment", turned to physical activity.

So the fundamental idea, on which the sport is based is the physical activity lieutenant to recreation, fun, or play, where there is the direct confrontation of two or more players. Any athlete, however professional, knows that 2 plays " football or golf. A Taekwon-do practitioner, he doesn't play, he doesn't play, he's a practice. The basic idea of Taekwon-do is not recreation.

Although there are competences within Taekwon-do, they are only one aspect of it, it is not all Taekwon-do, besides the real competition in Taekwon-do is not with another, but with not itself.

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