1st, Expert or Rookie?

One of the big mistakes within martial arts is the notion that all black belts are experts. Understandably, those who do not know martial arts say that, however, students must recognize that this is not the case. Very often novices black belts think they are experts and often not only do they want to make them notice, but they convince themselves to be. The 1st Dan has learned enough techniques to defend himself from a single adversary. You can compare it to a chick that has enough feathers to leave the nest and defend itself.

The 1st Dan is the starting point. The student has only built the foundations. The job of building the house is ahead. The new black belt is just beginning to learn technique.
Now that you know the alphabet you can start reading.

Years of hard work and study await you before he himself can begin to consider himself as an instructor and expert. A perceptual student, it must at this point realize how little he knows. The black belt also gets you into a new stage of responsibility. As initiated, he has entered a fraternity of thousands of black belts in the world and his actions inside and outside the gym must be carefully searched.

Their behavior reflects that of all black belts and he must constantly do his best to set an example for all other grades.

Some will surely become experts, however many will still believe in the miscon concept and will always remain novice, mentally and physically.

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