Who we are


The Taekwon-do Argentina Union is a national and international entity that brings together
instructors, students and schools across the country to train, organize and disseminate Taekwon-do.

The Union Taekwon-do Argentina together with other organizations form the
Argentine ItF Taekwon-do Federation with official recognition from the I.T.F. (International Taekwon-do Federation).

The Taekwon-do Argentina Union grants certificates of national and international validity.

The Taekwon-do Argentina Union has a programme of study and improvement in all areas: T.K.D., Pedagogy, Physical Preparation, Marketing, etc.

Unión Taekwon-do Argentina has subsidiaries in Buenos Aires, Neuquén and Salta.

The organization
The Argentine taekwon-do union is led by Fausto Mercado.

Supported by a group of Instructors, a board of directors, a national federation, a graphic marketing and design company and legal advice.

The Taekwon-do Argentina union is born as “the union of all Taekwon-do”. Its main objectives are up-to-date and top-notch Taekwon-do, participation in all competency and training events, and ongoing training of instructors.

Our organization is characterized by being available its members, the doors are open for all those who wish to integrate it.

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us at Tel: (54-11) 4226-6822 or write to us at the email address: faustomercado@gmail.com
It will be a pleasure for us to answer your inquiry.


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